Sustainability is at the core of evo-rail’s ethos, and technology. The rail-5G solution was specifically developed to enable it to be powered by relatively small solar panels that can be safely built-in to the pole for the antenna. This achieves many objectives, no need for power cables, no need for additional flat solar panel siting and a fully integrated solution. The results are that all except the darkest locations, we can deploy the trackside antennas on self-powering poles as a sustainable or net zero solution where we over-generate power for all except a few weeks of the year. This power can be returned to the national grid to offset versus trains or earn carbon credits.

In all except the sunniest locations, carbon credits alone will not pay for the service, but will make a significant addition to all the other benefits.

The solar powered pole integrates a sleeve of solar cells with an ion lithium battery and a energy power management solution to power the antenna through operational hours without power cables or an alternative power source. This is made possible by the rail-5G antenna requiring less than 35W which mobile possibly compete with, even as a small cell solutions.

Evo-rail’s rail-5G antennas are sustainable, reliable and built to last, making them the perfect solution for the railway.


evo-rail has spent several years focussing on deployment, not just regards enhancing safety but increasing the speed of delivery and reducing cost. As such, we have developed a series of repeatable designs for all rail topologies, including patented non-conductive poles, free standing and stanchion mounted. The latter offers the safest and fastest deployment where more than 10km’s can be deployed weekly. This is unique in the rail sector and only made possible through many years of experience and expertise in the rail sector, let alone the support of our partner, Hive Composite.

The rail-5G solution is enabled by our many years of RAN development, but made possible by our knowledge, experience and expertise in the rail sector, especially wayside, station and on-train installation, working across an array of stakeholders.

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Social & Environmental Benefits

There are few solutions that have such wide ranging impact on society and the environment as rail-5G. This comes from enabling customers, for the first time, to do all they might at home or work whilst travel on a rail-5G enabled train/route. Detailed independent research tells us that the ‘step change’ in customer experience and satisfaction achieved by meeting customer demand for the very first time will promote new and additional use of rail, so reduce traffic, congestion and accidents, let alone carbon emissions. It will improve productivity, especially for business travellers who might otherwise avoid face-to-face meetings that are themselves far more effective.

The rail-5G solution was developed with sustainability in mind, and can be delivered as self-powering or ‘net zero’, if not accruing carbon credits that might help offset the rest of the railway. The cost of carbon per terabyte is a fraction of mobile and core to the Evo-rail ethos regards its contribution to sustainability in the rail sector.

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