we deliver gigabit train communications

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Built and designed by railway engineers for TRAIN operators


Transforming Passenger Journeys through a digitally connected train with gigabit enabled Wi-Fi

Increased demand for on board Wi-Fi in a digital-first era has put a strain on rail operators who are struggling to meet their customers' expectations. Wi-Fi has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for rail passengers as journey distances increase in favour of out of town living.

evo rail is proud to be the exclusive provider of rail-5G(mmWave) track-to-train communications solution, an innovative end-to-end managed service that will revolutionise your passengers' connectivity. With our ability to deploy the system at speed worldwide, rail-5G delivers an affordable gigabit enabled train, over or under ground, for an experience similar to that when at home or work.

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Communicate data 100x faster than 4G

rail-5G delivers fast, unrestricted internet access for live streaming, gaming, browsing or working. With so much bandwidth you can also stream CCTV off the train, along with all your operational systems.

designed and deployed for the railways

Small trackside radio units are quickly deployed on short trackside poles or existing infrastructure.

Affordable and Economical

rail-5G requires a fraction of the power of Mobile 4G or 5G. Future deployments will be partially self-powered through solar and wind energy. The aim being to be the world’s first carbon neutral communications system by 2025

The Rail-5G Difference

Standard 4G mobile networks were not specifically designed for rail operators and do not supply a consistent signal. There are few, if any, trains maintaining 50Mpbs throughput, let alone 500Mbps or greater gigabits. Demand for Wi-Fi is already exceeding onboard capacity. Networks will need throughput greater than 2.5Gbps by 2025. Specifically designed for high speed transport systems by a team of experienced railway engineers, specialist university researchers and one of the world’s leading mmWave radio companies - rail-5G operates via small trackside radio units, using electronic beamforming technology to transmit and receive signal in a seamless end-to-end connection. This innovative system delivers over 1Gbps to each train, enabling passengers to experience a similar (if not better) connection than they do at home or work, even when the train is full. Learn More


Step change in
customer experience

Truly Digitally
Connected Train

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Trackside network
Poles and antennas mounted along the track to ensure direct line of sight and near perfect coverage of on-train antennas
Distributed breakout network
The trackside network breaks out to the internet at multiple locations that allow load balancing, greater availability and the ability to grow the trackside a section at a time
Radio access network
The mmWave beamforming radios (on trackside and train) bridge and integrate with the corresponding trackside and on-train networks. The latter, includes the train’s backbone switches and Wi-Fi gateway server
On-train network
Rail-5G makes best use of the train operator's existing customer Wi-Fi investments or can offer this as a packaged Wi-Fi solution. This will supercharge the existing 10-20Mbps of mobile 4G bandwidth with potentially over 1Gbps of symmetric throughput