We believe “seeing is believing” and the best way to understand rail-5G is to use it. As such, we recommend you book a live demonstration you can enjoy from your laptop, wherever you are. We have setup a number of trains on a challenging 8km section of an operational railway that can be accessed as if you are sat on the train.

Once logged in, we will guide you as the train departs from Ryde Pierhead Station and travels to Brading Station and beyond. You will be on the Island Line (Isle of Wight) travelling station to station through urban areas and countryside, including a pier, tunnel and many bends, moving from rail-5G to mobile 4G and station Wi-Fi. We will demonstrate live throughput as it changes form over 1Gbps on rail-5G, to Wi-Fi at over 100Mbps and 4G between 5 and 25Mbps.

Live Demo

The live demonstration proves the capability on one of the most challenging railway lines in Europe as being extremely narrow and extremely bendy – two thing that make ultra-high frequency ‘line of sight’ communications tricky!

This site gives customers, suppliers, investors and partners access, under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), to live demonstration resources:

  • RF charts

  • Data throughput

  • Range analysis

  • Latency

  • Network diagram

  • Presentations

  • High level designs

  • Live throughput dashboard (on request)

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